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we are busy with new arrivals and vasectomies

We are feverishly busy with preparations for little Lia's, the lion cub from Egypt, arrival early October. Her temporary holding camp inside Queenie's camp is almost finished and we are certain that she will love the space and all the hiding spots...and of course her new surrogate lion mother, Queenie.

Hesham, who rescued her from a street market in Cairo, already had her traveling crate made and is busy with all the flight arrangements etc. The crate was delivered to Jill, Lia's caretaker in Egypt, and she has introduced Lia to the crate. From the pictures we were emailed it is clear that Lia loves her crate and finds it quite comfortable. It is very important to get her used to her crate to minimise her stress levels when she is put in her crate for the long flight between Egypt and SA. The more time she spends playing in the crate and getting used to it the better for her. Jill is also slowly changing Lia's daily feeding routine so that she will be able to travel with only one proper meal before departure. As you can see relocating such a precious animal takes a lot of planning from all involved. 

We are expecting four wild dogs to arrive at Jukani early October from a reserve in the Northern Cape. The four wild dogs will be staying at Jukani until they can be released on a reserve again. Wild dogs are critically endangered in the wild and being able to assist in conserving these beautiful animals for future generations is a privilege. They will perform an important conservation education role at Jukani where guests will be informed about the plight of wild dogs in the wild. Releasing the animals back into the wild and following their progress will allow Jukani to be involved in actual conservation of a critically endangered species. We are very excited to be part of this conservation project.

The Jukani team and Dr. Brendan (our vet) has also been very busy. Tsau!, the white lion male, has received a vasectomy and the two tiger girls Shanti and Lali, Sheena (cheetah) and Tequila (jaguar) also received contraceptive implants. Lots to be done still and we'll keep you updated. Above is a photograph of Tsau! receiving a vasectomy.

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