Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Tsau! And Shaka - White Lion And Cheetha
odd friends
odd friends

Okay so who of you Jukani friends remember the days when we had a very strange "pride" of animals that grew up together, and loved each other dearly? Well of course its our 2 white lions Tsau! and Tendile, and our 2 cheetahs, Shaka and Sheena.

Yes, this is Tsau! giving Shaka a kiss on the head... Shaka (our fearsome male cheetah) obviously adored the attention from his YOUNGER sibling!! Unfortunately we had to separate them when the lions got to big, and Sheena (our gorgeous female cheetah) decided that she is the alpha in this pride. So scared that Tsau! might share BIG LION hugs more frequently to get Sheena's attention, seperation was going to be the safest for al 4 of them.

They do however have camps that allow them to see each other, and Shaka and Sheena go on daily walks to say “hi” to their now much bigger siblings and catch up on some Jukani Cat Gossip.
Only at Jukani right? :-)

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