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In-house Email Banter By Vijver Jonck
Which one would make YOU think TWICE!!!

We often receive emails where people ask us to buy animals - here is just one of these emails we received receintly ...

Okay I need some input from all our amazing supporters!  Today I got this email:

From: Adel
Sent: Tuesday, 07 January, 2014 11:38 PM
To: info@jukani.co.za
Subject: Lion Cub

Dear Mr. or Madam,

I want to buy a lion cub. Do you have one for sale? If yes please send me the picture of that lion cub, the age and the price.

Please also include any information/document that contributes in a successful deal.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Adel
Operations Manager
Universal Commodities (pvt)ltd.

What I had responded was:

From: Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary [mailto:info@jukani.co.za]
Sent: Wednesday, 08 January, 2014 1:28 PM
To: Adel
Subject: RE: Lion Cub

Dear Adel

I am sorry we are not in the “pet and play” trade and thus we do not sell or support the buying or selling of lion cubs. 

Please do reconsider before searching forth.

Kindest Regards
Vijver Jonck
072 613 2261

But what I really wanted to say was what is written below. As you will see this is all written for a Sir Elodin Uptown.  FREE entry ticket to visit Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary to the person who figures out what “Sir Elodin Uptown” is an anagram for!! 

Why would Sir Elodin Uptown want to buy a Lion Cub? I can think of a few possible answers to that question:

1.    To breed with it
2.    To make money off it by letting people pet it
3.    To raise it and then sell it to the Canned Hunting Industry
4.    To combine 2 and 3? Pet then Sell to Canned hunting
5.    So Sir Elodin Uptown can look “cool” by owning an exotic pet

Let me take these points one at a time and hopefully change Sir Elodin Uptown’s mind about purchasing a Lion Cub. (Maybe YOUR mind as well if you have been thinking of getting one!)

Point 1 – To Breed with it
Captive breed lions will never make it to the wild and is thus redundant as these lions will never know what it is like to truly be a lion.  So if Sir Elodin Uptown breeds with his lion it means he is planning to sell the cubs to an “abusement park” where they will be pawed, picked up and petted all day long, day after day after day till they become too difficult to handle or they lash out and attack someone! Then the “abusement park” will most likely sell off the now psychological damaged and human imprinted animal to canned hunting. The other end of the spectrum is Sir Elodin Uptown might sell the babies to someone as a pet (see point 5) or to another breeder (and the vicious cycle starts all over again).  Captive breed lions also sadly end up countless times in the illegal “lion bone trade” which is just as horrifying as canned hunting if not more so.

Point 2 – To make money off it by letting people pet it
Maybe Sir Elodin Uptown wants to purchase a Lion Cub so he can start an “Abusement park” of his very own.  Here Sir Elodin Uptown will imprint the poor cub and make it human dependent.  Then Sir Elodin Uptown will abuse it on a daily basis by letting people pay him to enter the poor cubs’ enclosure and poke it and prod it and pick it up and force it to sit on their laps so they can take photos with it!  This poor motherless cub is under constant stress which will affect their behavior and can even affect their physical growth. Then as the cub gets bigger and more mature and already has no idea how to be a true lion Sir Elodin Uptown will confuse it even more by putting it on a leash and letting people pay him (yet again) to go for a walk with it.  WHAT? Now Sir Elodin Uptown want’s the lion to think he is a dog?  What happens then when he gets too big or old or not that cute anymore? The poor lion cub now grown is sold to canned hunting, lion bone trade or both!!

Point 3 – To raise it and sell it to the canned hunting industry
If Sir Elodin Uptown is only interested in a quick turn around on his “investment” he might already have a rich foreigner lined up to claim the poor lion cub’s head for his wall! So Sir Elodin Uptown will raise it and feed it and maybe even pump it full of growth hormones – can’t wait forever you know – and as soon as it is barely big enough it will be drugged, placed in a small enclosure and then shot by a silly, stupid, uninformed foreigner who will hang it on his/her wall and never think of the consequences.  Maybe Sir Elodin Uptown even convinced the foreigner that this lion was earmarked for culling and thus needed to be shot.  Who knows what transpires between shooter and the seller! 

Point 4 – combining point 2 and 3
Sadly this seems to be the direction in which 99% of captive breed lions go.  First prodded and poked and then drugged and shot!!!  Sir Elodin Uptown should really think twice!

Point 5 – So Sir Elodin Uptown can look “cool” by owning an exotic pet
So a dog or cat is just not what Sir Elodin Uptown wants, right?  So he will hold captive a bird, fish, reptile, primate, apex cat or other exotic animal to show how big of a MAN he really is!  Dogs and cats have been breed for millions of years to be loyal companions to humans and thus they are more suited to the home life.  But a lion cub was never meant to be caged or living in someone’s house with them, so while Sir Elodin Uptown is in the kitchen preparing a snack of some sort for his lion who is now full grown, the lion might already be snacking on Mrs Elodin Uptown who was left sitting with the lion in the living room!  On a near daily basis there are reports of owners of exotic pets ending up in hospital or dead from being attacked by the frustrated pet!  I am sorry but why again would Sir Elodin Uptown want a LION when a Tabby CAT won’t do? Is he compensation for something? In that case dude – buy a Ferrari!!

Sources http://www.lionrescue.org.za/playwithcubs.htm

What would have made the biggest impact on “Mr Adel” do you think?  My “short and sweet” response or my in-depth explanation?  Which one would make YOU think TWICE!!!  

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