Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Wednesday Was A Busy Day At Jukani Again...
our vet Brendan was a busy man

Two lionesses and a jaguar were tranquilized by our veterinarian, Dr Brendan Tindall, and received their follow up contraceptive implants.
It sounds easy peasy...but that is far from the truth!! It is always a dangerous task.
Darting Kara is an extremely difficult and dangerous task.
Firstly she is a big lioness with an equally big temper.
Secondly, she does not like Doc Brendan at all. As a matter of fact she makes it very clear to everyone that she does not like him and snarls and growls whenever she sees him.
Thirdly, after darting her the good doctor need to wake her up again...always a dangerous job!! 

Everything went well with all three, although we think Queenie (lioness) actually enjoys the sleeping part way too much. Tequila, the jaguar, is the opposite and I think she made a pact with Kara to "get" Doc Brendan if the opportunity ever arises.
The contraceptive program is part of Jukani's animal management schedule to prevent any of the animals from breeding.
We are also having vasectomy's done on some of the male animals as a further and final preventative measure to prevent breeding.   
This is quite an expensive program but we firmly believe that allowing large predators in captivity to breed serves no conservation purpose. The animals cannot be released back into the wild since they are human imprinted and have lost their fear of humans. The possibility of attacks on humans are extremely high, especially when these lions have difficulty finding and killing their natural prey in the wild."
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