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'canned' Lion Hunting To Stay

canned hunt

In South Africa, thousands of lions are bred in captivity only to be hunted and killed in enclosed areas, a practice known as "canned" hunting. Now government efforts to regulate the industry have been overturned by the country's Supreme Court. Al Jazeera's Tania Page reports.

Mama Simba

Lionesses have a lot of power in lion society. The females typically work together to hunt down prey, and form crèches to look after their cubs. This cooperative behaviour brings in lots of food, and ensure that plenty of lion cubs survive to adulthood.   The female lions' empowerment stands in stark contrast to the human societies that live alongside the lions in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve. There, as in many other cultures throughout history, women have been disc...

Local Photographers Visiting

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Two local photographers living here in The Crags, South Africa came for a visit and took a few photos.  They have decided to share a few of their amazing photos with us.  I could not keep these to myself so here you go...some amazing Jukani Widlife Sanctuary photos thanks to Eva Spyridis & Paul Francklin! Please also see our Photo Albums as I have loaded some of their photos in there as well....ENJOY       

Here's Why Petting Lions For Conservation In Sa Is A Scam

  Watch ian tell us how petting lions and walking with lions does not contribute to conservation.   Watch the interview - click here and view the trailer below #Bloodlions trailer below.

Spirit Update

Spirit at Jukani

We wanted to give you an update about our favorite black leopard here at Jukani! We last saw Spirit after his encounter with animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach, where Spirit (previously known as Diablo) was calmed by Anna after she told him we did not expect anything from him here at Jukani and that the two leopard cubs he had been with before being rescued were also safe. Since then, Jukani has moved to an amazing location in Plettenberg Bay where Spirit, along with the two cubs - now ful...