Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route Adventures South Africa
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Hear Us Roar

The lions at Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary have a new thing that they do, they roar everyday after the feeding tour! It's so amazing to see and here it happens everyday. Absolutly something not to miss!

lion roar

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Tequila Is Fussy

Tequila, our new jaguar girl, does not like beef. When we try to give it to her she makes a strange face that almost looks like she wants to through up. Looks like Jukani always gets the "special" animals.

Instead of beef we have to feed Tequila chicken and pork.

Tequila the jaguar

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Caracal Cats Sent By Cape Nature

Kaya and Nandi are both caracal cats.  Both Kaya and Nandi were confiscated by Cape Nature from individuals without the required permits and then placed at Jukani. Phoenix arive shortly after Kaya and Nandi and he was also confiscated from a person without the required permit and brought to Jukani by Cape Nature.

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Chico The Serval

Chico is our resident serval cat and true to his nature he is very shy and prefers nocturnal activities. Before Chico came to live at Jukani he was kept in a very small enclosure, on a lion breeder's far, in the Free State Province of South Africa.  Chico and had a very tough life............he was constantly being chased from hsi hiding spots for people to view.

serval close-up

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Yukon The Puma

Rocky and Yukon are two American mountain lions also known as cougars or pumas. They were listed as surplus (unwanted) animals in a German. When we saw the Pumas the first time we were struck by Rocky's protectiveness over Yukon. Our biggest fear was that the two Pumas would be sold and separated, so we decided to bring them both to Jukani. They are still inseparable.........even eating together from a single piece of meat.    

Yukon the tiger

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