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More Bones Than Humans

black leopard

Cats have more bones than humans. Humans only have 206 bones in their body, whereas the cat has 230. About 10 per cent of the cat’s bones are in the tail.

Newborn's Have Teeth

scary teeth

Hyenas are born with their eyes open and their teeth are already developed.

Cry Babies

hyena on its back

The spotted hyena has a very scary cry. It sound like loud hysterical laughter, that’s why they are often called laughing hyenas.

Cat Eyes

No one knows exactly how a cat sees colour, but they definitely do not see it the way we do. According to most scientists, reds appear darker, while greens appear much lighter and duller to a cat.

Protect The Habitat Of Apex Cats

baby lion

Australia and Antarctica are the only two continents where big cats do not naturally occur. Most of the 36 species of wild cats are in great danger. Some scientists believe that many of them may be extinct within the next 25 years.