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Sa Snubs Conference

South Africa was notably absent at a conference on illegal wildlife trade held in the UK last week. Last year, more than 1 000 rhino were poached in SA and at least 86 rhino have been lost to poaching this year, according to the latest departmental figures, released at the end of January. The London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade 2014 was hosted by the UK government to reach a high level political commitment to take action to tackle illegal wildlife trade. It was attended by ...

A Global March For Lions Because

An interesting email from CITES, you are failing to protect Africa's wildlife heritage. On 15th March a Global Protest March for Lions will take place in cities around the world. This MEMORANDUM OF PROTEST explains why. This document will be printed out and handed over by marchers in 55 cities.

Can Jackie Chan Combat Rhino Poaching?

In an effort to combat the illegal trade in rhino horn a communication campaign aimed at Chinese and Vietnamese audiences was launched today featuring popular Chinese film star and martial artist Jackie Chan. STAR POWER Chan’s influence was demonstrated recently by his association with a campaign to save sharks. It resulted in an 18% drop in the consumption of shark fin soup in China. Chan is particularly popular in Vietnam, a region largely responsible for the recent escalation in r...

Brave Lioness Takes On Croc To Protect Cubs

Scanning the surface of the water, her amber eyes alight upon a threat to her pride – a deadly crocodile lurking in the river that the family of lions must cross. The fiercely protective lioness did not hesitate, leaping into the water and grappling with the reptile to allow the rest of the pride to cross the river in safety.

Top 10 Deadly Attacks

Man killed by his pet tiger 66 year old Norman Buwalda from Ontario was mauled to death by his 300 kg pet tiger. He was the chairman of the Canadian Exotic Animal Owner's Association, and actively fought for the right to keep dangerous big cats as pets. In June 2004 a 10 year old boy was seriously injured at Buwalda's home when a pet Siberian tiger mauled the child during a photo opportunity. Concerned neighbours campaigned for a new bylaw which prohibited people from keeping exotic pe...