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Corn Snake - Red Rat Snake

Corn snakes come in amazing colours as you can see from the photograph above. The corn snake is named for its former habit of invading corn storages in order to eat the rodents inside (this name dates all the way back to the 1600s). Preferring habitats such as overgrown fields, forest clearings, trees, flatwoods or pine barrens, and abandoned human structures anywhere from 0 to 6,000 feet above sea level. The corn snake can be found throughout the eastern and central United States, including New Jersey, Texas and Florida. They come in a variety o...

corn snake

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Anaconda - Water Boa

We have an Anaconda at Jukani, but it's just a little baby - not a big fellow like the one in the photograph. Anacondas live in the Amazon and Orinoco basins of tropical South America, and their habitat extends from the Andes, all the way east to Trinidad and part way up the Caribbean side of Central America. The animal moves much more easily swimming than on land. Like the crocodile, the anaconda has nostrils high on its snout so that it can swim with its head above water to breathe. The eyes are also placed high on its head so that i...


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Mozambique Spitting Cobra

A Mozambique spitting cobra can aim its venom with remarkable accuracy at the eye of an approaching person when still 3 m or more away!

These cobra's are native to Africa and are nervous and highly strung. The spitting cobra does bite depending on its environment and the situation it is in, and also shares the same habit with the Rinkhals of feigning death to avoid further molestation.

When in a confined area like a tube the reptile will bite instead of spit.

spitting cobra

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Cat Eyes

No one knows exactly how a cat sees colour, but they definitely do not see it the way we do. According to most scientists, reds appear darker, while greens appear much lighter and duller to a cat.

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Cry Babies

The spotted hyena has a very scary cry. It sound like loud hysterical laughter, that’s why they are often called laughing hyenas.

hyena on its back

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