Homeless Tigers Who Mauled And Killed Their Tamer Likely To Be Rescued By Aap

31st July 2019

AAP is preparing the rescue together with the Lega Antivivisezione (LAV), which is leading the campaign to end the use of animals in circuses in Italy. LAV has called Weber’s death a “tragedy forewarned” and is urging the Italian government to accelerate the process towards implementing the already announced ban on animal acts.

Van Gennep said: “We are relieved that we have enough capacity to take in these animals at such short notice. It is very unclear what would happen to them otherwise, due to the lack of suitable rescue options in Italy.”

“This new incident, the latest in a very long line of accidents, makes clear that the continued use of wild animals in circuses is not only detrimental to the welfare of the animals, but also poses a serious public health and safety risk,” Van Gennep adds. Indeed, a report by Eurogroup for Animals in 2017 identified hundreds of incidents throughout the EU in a period of 22 years, including multiple fatalities.

Although a majority of EU Member States have already introduced restrictions on the use of wild animals in circuses or have banned them entirely, the fact remains that circuses are still allowed to move freely and transit through countries where those performances are no longer permitted, for reasons linked to public health and safety concerns. The serious road crash in Spain in the spring of 2018, which left one elephant dead and two severely injured, and which miraculously did not involve human casualties, is a reminder of the risks to citizens and animals.

“And this is for no other reason than to provide a cruel and outdated form of entertainment,” Van Gennep underscores.

Source: AAP

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