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Scandal Of Zoo's 'missing' Tigers

At Sriracha Tiger Zoo, just outside Bangkok, some 400 big cats snarl photogenically for the tourists, boy scouts queue at the petting zoo to cuddle placid tiger cubs which, bizarrely, have been suckled by sows, and at the circus arena on the zoo premises, tigers thrill crowds by bounding through rings of fire on cue.

Hand Rearing Lion Cubs And Other Carnivores

Written by Peter Dickinson from Zoo Digest. There they are, the cute fluffy little lion, tiger or whatever cubs in the newspaper photo. That should bring some visitors in to the zoo, sanctuary, rescue centre or whatever you like to call it. We have all seen them. Such photographs appear frequently enough and are rarely questioned. If they are there in the photograph with their mother as nature intended then fair enough. If not then the accompanying text usually goes something like this.

Don't Touch, Sit With Or Pose With Tigers

Zoos - Supposedly Good Zoos need to set an example to the rest...the bad, the cruel, the uninformed and just plain stupid zoos of this world. Having your photo taken with a tiger does absolutely nothing for tigers and in fact does exactly the opposite. It sets an extremely bad example to bad zoos elsewhere. It encourages them to pull young from their mothers, to factory farm them for photography sessions. It makes what the Tiger Temple and its ilk are doing seem as though what they are doing is...

White Tiger Was Shot And Killed

A White Tiger was shot and killed as it was savaging a keeper. I would have taken the same action in the circumstances whilst at the same time thinking that it was certain people who deserved the bullet rather than the unfortunate cat.

Why Not To Pet, Play And Pay


Here’s an overview about why petting of wildlife – even/especially young animals – is a dangerous and unethical practice. I wrote this some time back in addressing concerns about the majority of animal parks who thrive on this tourist activity under the thin excuse of conservation education. I offer this view in an effort to ensure the long-term survival of the few ethical places where good practices and conservation messages can continue to raise public awareness about the c...