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Illegal Skin Trade Brink

BANGKOK, Thailand, October 8,  (ENS) - Wild tigers are vanishing, and the tiger skin trade is "spiralling out of control," finds a new report based on extensive field investigations by an international environmental organization. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) warns that "a sophisticated network of criminal masterminds" is driving the tiger skin trade in urban and cross-border areas of India, China and Nepal. In the year 1900, there were an estimated 10...

The Wildlife Trade

Wildlife trade – A real threat to Africa’s wildlife October 2011: It is estimated that the illegal trade in wildlife is the second largest illegal market in the world, after drugs. Immense and increasingly sophisticated illegal trade in wildlife parts and live wildlife, coupled with antiquated enforcement methods, are decimating much of the world’s wildlife on a scale never before seen.

U.s. Smugglers Hot For Exotic Animal Parts

Tigers are among the most fearsome predators in the wild. They are also among the most lucrative commodities for even greater predators — traffickers in the worldwide trade in endangered and exotic animal parts. Two of those alleged traffickers, Todd and Vicki Lantz, of Missouri, are set to go on trial today in a case that sheds light on the multi-billion-dollar business of selling rare, beautiful animals.

All About Fur

The hairy covering of an animal, especially the skins of animals that have thick, soft, close-growing hair next to the skin itself and coarser protective hair above it is called fur. The underhair is frequently called the underfur or fur proper; the outer hairs are the guard hairs; the whole, when dried, is the pelt. The term fur is extended to dressed sheep and lamb skins when they are prepared for wearing with the hair retained, and usually to curled pelts such as Persian lamb, karakul, astrak...

Oliver Stone Says, 'end The War On Animals'

Legendarily bold film director Oliver Stone is no stranger to the horrors of the battlefield, both as an Army combat veteran of Vietnam and from depictions of that war in his films Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, and Heaven & Earth. Now Stone is shining a light on another disturbing side of U.S. military operations by narrating PETA's video exposé.   Leaked footage shows a recent Coast Guard trauma training drill in which instructors are seen breaking and cutting off the l...