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Protect The Habitat Of Apex Cats

baby lion

Australia and Antarctica are the only two continents where big cats do not naturally occur. Most of the 36 species of wild cats are in great danger. Some scientists believe that many of them may be extinct within the next 25 years.

Don't Mess With This Pussycat!

caracal lying down

A caracal can take down prey that's five times it's own weight! This is one pussycat you do not want to mess with!

They Aren't Fussy Eaters At All!

Jukani hyena named Dot

The spotted hyena's digestive system is so efficient, it can even derive nourishment from mummified corpses. Yuk! In an increasingly overpopulated Africa, hyenas and humans come into frequent contact. In fact, the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania actually leave their dead to be consumed by hyenas. However, these intelligent and bold animals will raid food stores and crops and are blamed for many livestock and even some human deaths. In some areas they have been heavily hunted as destructive ...

Lions Can Look Really Fierce

agressive lion

Aggression between lion pride members is mostly restricted to demonstrative facial expressions which leaves little room for misinterpretation. On a kill, such exchanges are very frequent and rarely escalate into serious conflict.

Are Wild White Tigers Extinct?

white tiger at Jukani

The last observed wild white tiger was shot in 1958, and the mutation is believed to be extinct in the wild. There have been rumours of white tigers in the wild in India since then, but none have been considered credible.