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Poachers Beware

The British government has announced that to help in the fight against the poachers it is to send one of the most respected and feared fighting forces in the world - The British Army Paratrooper –to work with wildlife officers in Kenya.

Thumbs Up!

A court has ordered that the posters President Zuma had removed from airports in South Africa go back up. The advert, which raised eyebrows when it was first displayed last year, shows a lioness looking up the barrel of a gun. Behind them is the face of Mr Zuma.

Killing Lions

This video is an insight in to South Africa's "dirty little secret" of canned lion hunting*. It shows how animals are factory farmed so Safari Club International members (trophy hunters) can kill them.

Lion Hunter Becomes The Hunted In Barrage Of Criticism

An American television presenter has prompted outrage after boasting online that she killed a lion in South Africa. Melissa Bachman, a keen hunter who produces programs on the American outdoors, posted a photograph on Facebook and Twitter of her holding a rifle and smiling beside the corpse of a male lion.

The Horror About Onychectomy

The Horrors and Truths about onychectomy in Large Cats (i.e., Siberian Tigers, Bengal Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Pumas, etc.) The declawing of big cats is not only a horrendous thing as it not only affects the way the animal develops and grows but also the mental state of the animal.  The affects only worsens as the animal grows and ages. Most people are under the assumption that a declawing is only the removal of the “toe nail” as such but to declaw a cat, the first k...