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The Horror About Onychectomy

The Horrors and Truths about onychectomy in Large Cats (i.e., Siberian Tigers, Bengal Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Pumas, etc.) The declawing of big cats is not only a horrendous thing as it not only affects the way the animal develops and grows but also the mental state of the animal.  The affects only worsens as the animal grows and ages. Most people are under the assumption that a declawing is only the removal of the “toe nail” as such but to declaw a cat, the first k...

South African Farmers Fingered In Lion Smuggling

South African lion breeders are alleged to be part of an illegal network smuggling lion and cheetah cubs from Botswana to stock their farms. At least five South African lion farmers have been fingered in investigations in which lionesses are killed in Botswana and their cubs smuggled to lion farms in South Africa, where a multimillion rand industry caters to the international trophy-hunting market.

Africa's Shame

South Africa's trophy hunting industry have started a new market by supplying Asia with lion bones from the hunting industry. The lion bones are replacing tiger bones to make a tonic/wine, but as they have killed most of the tigers they need a new supply. The trophy hunting industry are now trying to say that if they are stopped from supplying the Asian market with the lion bones, they will come and poach the lions. At least they are finally admitting what kind of people they do business with...

Some Good News From California

As crazy as this photo looks, this is actually a rare occasion of where the right thing is being done when a mountain lion is spotted in a residential area in California.

Leopard Shot And Killed In Charlestown Yard

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - People in one southern Indiana town trying to figure out what was killing house cats and dogs finally got their answer Thursday night. It was a leopard, according to Indiana Conservation Officers. Neighbors shot and killed the juvenile cat in a yard off Highway 3 in Charlestown. Wildlife is not uncommon in the area where the leopard was found. The sightings started about two weeks ago. One neighbor called Tim Stark, the owner of Wildlife in Need, a sanctuary ...