Serval - Leptailurus serval – Is a spotted cat, similar in body size to the Caracal, but with longer legs. It is the cat with the longest legs relative to its body size. The serval is a beautiful cat and is often kept by people as an exotic pet. They are very elusive cats and will avoid humans. In traditional African culture, the fur of a serval was used to line the collar of the King or Chief’s robe or worn as a stole to indicate his position. Rare in other parts of Africa, Servals are more widespread in the Southern Parts of Africa preferring Reeds and tall grasses as found in wetlands and Savannah. Servals have been inbred with domestic cats to produce the Savannah cat. The ears of a Serval can rotate 180 degrees independently, it has remarkable eyesight and excellent hearing. Like a caracal a Serval can also jump into the air to catch a bird and can jump up 2.7m straight up. It will also use its long legs to reach into the burrow of a rodent. Ancient Egyptians used to worship servals for their grace and their power. The serval is an adept hunter and clever at stalking its prey.